Click Here to Process Payment for Your Edible Images

Click Here to Process Payment for Your Edible Images


Please send all custom images to @cakepopbox on Instagram to coordinate any special quantities or designs.


Edible Image Options:


Types of Icing Sheets: 

1. Icing Sheets ($0)

2. Translucent Flex Sheet (Edible Fabric) (+$2)

3. White Flex Sheet (Edible Fabric) (+$2)


Cutting Services: 

Icing Sheets or Flex Sheets can; be cut into the following sizes: 

1. 1" Circles (+$3)

2. 1.5" Circles (+$3)

3. 2" Circles (+$2)

4. 2.5" Circles (+$2)

5. 3" Circles (+$2)


Edible Image Care Instructions:

Make sure to keep your edible images in a air tight container or zip lock bag at all times. Your icing sheets must be completely sealed before use to stay fresh. Never refrigerate or freeze sheets or images and always keep from excessive heat. If stored properly in room temperature without any exposure to open air, your sheets can last up to a year. 

When you're ready to use your sheets, use a VERY small amount of any type of edible glue to adhere your images. A little goes a long way! Please note, if you get the front of your images wet or if your hands are moist as your working with your sheets then the ink will smear. Always make sure you images are facing the same direction if stacked, otherwise they will stick together. 


All orders are shipped within 24-36 hours after orders are placed and confirmed. All orders are shipped via USPS priority mail with tracking (1-3 days). 


All sales are final once printed. I cannot offer any refunds or credits. I unfortunately can't be liable for USPS delays of any type.