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I'm Christine


This is your home for dessert courses, edible glitter, custom edible images and cakepop stands! 

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Our Famous Online Dessert Courses

Experience the difference with one of our dessert courses. If you would like to learn how to create custom desserts for your business, sign up for one of our classes. Our famous cakepop class brings together thousands of students from all around the world online twice a year.  Keep up with today's trending desserts and stay ahead of your competition with creative, fun designs. 

It's so much more than a recipe to me! I’ve been creating cakepops and other small treats since 2016 in my home kitchen. I was able to grow my side hustle into a six figure income and I want to teach you the tools you'll need to perfect your craft so that you can do the same! 

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Real Reviews

The best edible glitters & images, dessert stands and online courses

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Cakepop Student

This class has exceeded any and all of my expectations. This was the most professional and well thought out courses I've ever been a part of. Its super informative, beginner friendly and it felt like I was sitting right there in the kitchen with Christine. 
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Treat Maker

Amazing color and SHINE. Finally there is a real edible glitter that's actually shiny. It looks just like real glitter but its guilt free since its actually edible & is made in the USA. 
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Cakepop Decorator

This cakepop stand is super impressive. Its really durable for use in the kitchen but also is so pretty for photographs. You can tell how much hard work has gone into creating something that is a really great product for our industry.

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